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Money is a medium of exchange all common and generally accepted by a society that is used for payment of goods (goods), services, and any liabilities (debts).

The Money  enables the exchange of goods and services in an economy in a more simple barter. Therefore, for property can be described as money must meet the following three criteria:

1. Medium of exchange: to avoid the inefficiencies of a barter system. When a well is required for the sole purpose of using it to be exchanged for other things, has this property. For example, few people keep bills for collection. On the other hand, most people keep them for the possibility to exchange when they want it for other goods. In addition, the Money should be a good light and easy to store and transport.

2. Unit of account: When the value of a good is often used to measure and compare the value of other assets when their value is used to denominate debts, says the well has this property. For example, if people of a culture are inclined to measure the value of things in reference to goats, the goats would be the main unit of account. A horse could cost 10 goats and a cabin about 45 goats.

3. Conservation value: When a property is acquired in order to preserve the commercial value for future exchange, then is said to be used as a conservative value. In the former case, a goat would have a problem when serving as Money, since it is a perishable commodity: eventually dies. Other materials, like gold and silver, they retain their properties despite the passage of time. It is a way of accumulation or hoarding. The Money, as representative of wealth, has the power to purchase any goods and stores in any quantity. In other words, the function of hoarding Money can only be performed in full value: coins and bullion, precious stones, gold, etc.. The well chosen as a way of accumulation must be always something that can be stored for long periods without deterioration.

In addition to the above, the Money must be recognized by the society that uses it, allowing their identification and assessment of a clear way.

The Money  as we know it today (notes and coins without eigenvalue) must be endorsed or certified by the issuing institution. Currently there are governments, through laws, which determine what type of legal tender money, but are other entities such as central banks (Central Bank) and Mint (Mint), which are responsible first, to regulate and control monetary policy in an economy, and second, to create notes and coins on demand and the need for physical Money.

In short, we can say that Money is an asset that serves as a platform neutral intermediate to exchange goods and services in society, thus avoiding inaccuracies in a direct exchange of market goods and services (barter).

There are thousands (or millions) of pages online to make Money  by offering easy, free and fast, it has been proven statistically that the vast majority of them end up being a waste of time (There EXCEPTION course).

"Get what you pay" We looked at because ...

It is common especially in the beginning to get carried away by the "free" still ends up being the highest price paid for our time and that is Money).

There are ways to make Money  online consistently and safely, but sometimes to see that these take us more time or require investment decided to make the mistake of going for the "fast" to then suffer the delusion that business "easy, free and fast "turned out to be just a waste of time or fraud.

Here is an example of a very common error in beginners ...

We know that google adsense is a good option to earn Money online, but we also know that to make Money with google adsense will have to develop a website or blog, generate traffic, get links, promote, generate content and still have to wait for the site position enough to begin to reap the fruits of our labor.

That many were lazy and prefer better to fall in fraud of the pages that pay to see advertising as earnings if there reflect "daily" from the outset.

After it is common that ...

• The PTC to which we devote so much time became scam
• It takes six months to pay us but you purchase your membership premium
• You could not get referrals therefore take three months to reach the minimum payment, at no premium membership will have to wait months for your payment reaches you.
• etc. ..

And if, on the Internet there are ways to "make Money  fast and free," but these "opportunities" sometimes last only a few months then disappear, then "Where is all the effort you do? You will have to start from scratch again, which is synonymous with daily life.
If you are looking for economic freedom is better to build online revenue sources that take longer but are more constant and reliable.

I prefer to earn 20 dollars a day (for example) constant and safe way to earn 40 dollars a day in an "opportunity of Money fast and free" that lasted only a few months and then disappear.

There are a lot of ways to earn Money  online, earn Money without investment, online business, or invest in Forex make Money  with advertising, etc. The choice really is yours and it all depends on your time, initial investment and all of your willpower.

It is noteworthy that more than ever is the best time to start making Money online, especially the Latin market because internet use by Hispanic speakers has increased very significantly in recent years. Observe the following graph taken from Internet World Stats website (

Most common ways to make Money  online are:

• Earn Money  with surveys. Most Hispanic-speaking people who want to start a life more profitable through the internet start to make Money  with online surveys. This is the ultimate option for those who want to earn extra Money  and now many Latino and American companies offer these services to millions of people.

• Earn Money  for surfing the internet. Earn Money  for surfing is a method commonly used by those who do not have much free time but still want to earn easy Money  online. There are thousands of companies you pay to see advertising, buying through its website on even browse through your site. Here is another great way to earn extra Money  and work from home.

• Earn Money  with advertising. Earn Money  with online advertising is a unique method for those who have a website. In fact some have already left your job to make Money  with adsense, the deployment schedule google advertising. With this method, users show ads on your web site and are paid every time someone clicks on them.

• Investing in Forex. Investing in the Forex market is a relatively new and there are an innumerable amount of programs and courses to learn how to make Money  with this method. This way of making Money  in the purchase and sale of foreign exchange but is a risky method, but you know what you're doing. This method is only for those who take very seriously to make Money  online and have considerable initial investment.

• Earn Money  for referrals (also called members). This method is one of the most popular among Internet Marketing gurus. Basically the method consists in making Money  selling other people's products, earning a commission for each sale. Today is one of the ways to earn Money  online more profitable and can be done through your web site, adwords, video marketing, etc.

• Earn Money  by selling online. Earn Money  by selling your products online is definitely the internet marketer activity par excellence, although it takes a little longer to understand it is undoubtedly one of the most profitable. To start earning Money  by selling through the Internet is necessary to educate yourself, we suggest that you do not venture into this method unless you have informed you correctly.

I hope this information about the Money  is helpful.

 David A Hernandez C

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